Sunday, February 5, 2012

Library Strength

Renton Library
Again I show unexpected strength and determination at the library -- I only checked out the tiny stash of books at the hold shelf.  I did cheat a tiny bit by talking N into getting a few Easy Reader books, one for himself and one for P, but they honestly were for him and P.  In fact, P already read Dodsworth in Paris and I still haven't.

My excellent library really doesn't make this easy, though. Their Interesting Picks display is square in the middle of the entrance hall, with several enticing books coyly winking at me.  And the wall of New Books in the children's section also had many temptations.  Humph.

(I'm doing the TBR Dare, which means no new books. Argh! That includes library books!)

Thank goodness for the Cybils, an official exception.
This brings me to a total of 37 items out on my card, which includes a few things I've finished but I'm hoping the kids will try.  No overdues, but next week might be a different story.  Everything fits neatly in my library bookshelf.  I'll go share my Library Loot at the event co-hosted by Claire from the Captive Reader and Marg from The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader, where all the library addicts compare their treasures.

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