Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Library Confessions

Renton Library
Again this week I returned two books unread, and now I have about five to finish before next week. Also, one is due but I'm only 100 pages from the end, so I'll sneak it in tomorrow. Whew!

I talked my sons into accompanying me to the library, but then they said they only meant into the parking lot, so I went on my own. I had two books on hold (both titles from Perrin's A Child's Delight, a collection of essays about overlooked children's books), but since I was on my own I paused to see if any of the Quick Pick books were from states missing from my read-across-America challenge.

Eight books later they sent a search party in for me.

I came home with ten books, although one was bought from the library sale table:

Image of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of itemImage of item
  • The Rat-Catcher's Daughter, Laurence Housman. Perrin recommends the other brother.
  • The Vision of Stephen, Lolah Burford. Another rec.
  • Hiss of Death, by Rita Mae Brown. Takes place in Virginia.
  • Hot Water, Erin Brockovich. South Carolina.
  • Hell Is Empty, Craig Johnson. Wyoming
  • Chihuahua of the Baskervilles, Esri Allbritten. Colorado.
  • Wild Wild Death, Casey Daniels. New Mexico.
  • Rock Bottom, Erin Brockovich. West Virginia.
  • The Language of Flowers, Vanessa Diffenbaugh. Not southern after all, but maybe a literary fiction?
  • All Seeing Eye, Rob Thurman. Looked like fun, although I'm not sure where it's set. Hey, I could get lucky!
I also got three CDs, chosen in haste without looking at the covers. In the car I discovered that we'll be listening to Bruce Springsteen, the soundtrack to Rio, and something called The Healing Harp. One of these will not be popular.

This left me with 37 items out on my card, under my age but still not very good. I'd really like to bring that number down to the 20's. I'm avoiding the hot picks table for a while, even if they have a rare state. Unless it's Rhode Island, which is really hard.

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