Wednesday, June 6, 2012

48 Hour Book Challenge Rapidly Approaching

48 Hour Book ChallengeThis weekend is MotherReader's 7th Annual 48 Hour Book Challenge.  We'll go from Friday night (starting as close to 9 pm as I can manage, because it depends on when my book club ends) through Sunday night.  X has signed up, and I think I'll drag P along for the fun as well.

This year they are hosting an official charity, Reading Is Fundamental through Book People Unite. This poses me a bit of a problem, because I traditionally pledge money to our school library, so I feel like my donation money is already bespoke (no one else tends to sponsor me). I guess the best thing to do is double pledge, so I'll give both the school library and the book people $1 per hour, $5 per book finished, and $1 per comment, up to a limit of $100 dollars each.

My goal is 25 hours, which leaves me time to actually interact with people.  I may be able to exceed this, of course.  On the other hand, both Saturday and Sunday have activites scheduled that I can't miss, so not only will that eat up some of my time, but it means that on Sunday afternoon I have to be awake enough to drive, which means no all-nighters on Saturday night. So this will be a real challenge to me. (If I bring a note from the Challenge, can I read through part of a piano recital?)

X (the seventh grader) has a goal of twelve hours .  I need to make sure he has enough reading material to last him. In a move reminiscent of last year, he has gulped down several thousand pages in the past week, using up all the books I meant for him to read this weekend (the complete Bartemeus trilogy by Jonathan Strouss, for example). Maybe I should buy him Bitterblue. I have to think of the children, right?

I think I'll assign P the lowly goal of five hours, because pressure makes him panic. A has a goal of five hours as well; if Saturday the clouds turn to rain she has a chance at it. I need to revisit my meal plans to make sure they don't require any effort on my part; it may behoove me to stock up on frozen lasagna or something.

This will be my chance to get through as many of the Best of the Best books as I can, as well as to knock of some more Cybils books and in general catch up on all partly finished books I've got. I'll also try to get ahead on the various online book clubs I've been following and reread our selection for July.

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