Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Reading: Kidnapped King

The Kidnapped King (A to Z Mysteries Series #11)

I'm going to attempt to read a book each day this summer, working from my piles of unread books in my bedroom. I'll concentrated on the kidlit shelf to attempt to make this possible.

Of course, I also have the forty or so unread library books cluttering up my shelves, but nothing ventured nothing gained.

The first book today, chosen because it was on top, was a tiny mystery book, The Kidnapped King, which is part of Ron Roy's A-Z Mysteries series. I've shelved dozens of these for my kids' elementary school library, but I think the only other one I read was an emergency J book for an alphabetical challenge. It's a cute little story with large print and short chapters, following three kids as they solve a problem. The problem was actually rather Gothic -- a visiting wealthy prince disappears from a guest room, but luckily the kids find him before my imagination could paint the grim reality. I suppose children wouldn't find it that shocking, but I have to say I don't remember Encyclopedia Brown dealing with tough felonies like this.

Wow, looking at the Barnes & Noble page I see that the NOOK version costs more than the print. That's crazy talk! My niece saw me carrying the book out of the house this morning and recommended it to me; she was quite impressed that she had read it before me. Apparently she figures I've read just about anything she might try.

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