Friday, June 29, 2012

No Mercy: Bagthorpes Haunted

Bagthorpes Haunted
I polished off the second of my Bagthorpe books at the start of what looks like a prolonged airport stay. The sixth in the series,  Helen Cresswell's Bagthorpes Haunted follows the rest of their stay in an unfortunate Welsh house for a holiday.

Like book five, this book features unpleasant behavior, foolish eccentricities, and wacky high jinks. Although not quite as funny as the early book, perhaps because familiarity makes it easy to guess what each character will do, it still provided a few hours of fun while standing around in lines trying to find out where my planes plan to go.
 BarockSchloss CC license

I have one more Bagthorpe in my pile, and it looks like Cresswell went back again a few years later and wrote a few more, so I suppose I'll eventually have to dig those up as well.

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Jenners said...

That is the downside of series that go on ... they become so familiar and predictable. I've learned to space them out so I don't get tired of them.