Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday After the 48 Hour Reading Challenge

The limit I put on myself of only starting one new book a day is working well for me, but of course during the past weekend's 48 Hour Reading Challenge it went right out the window. I gave myself extra incentives for finishing books, and brought my currently reading pile down to a mere handful. It's a bit of a relief.

Oh, and I also found the missing library book, which is a great weight off my mind. 

  • Angels' Flight, Nalini Singh. Paranormal romance.
  • Shattered Bonds, Dorothy Roberts. Nonfiction.
  • Bunheads, Sophie Flack. YA, Cybils.
  • Beauty Queens (audio) Libby Bray. YA, Best of the Best.
  • Dog Days: Wimpy Kid 4, Jeff Kinney. Kidlit.
  • Wanderlust, Ann Aguirre (NOOK). SF
  • Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter (NOOK), Tom Franklin. Suspense.
  • Axe Cop, Vol 1, Malachai Nicolle. His big brother helped a bit. Graphic novel. Sort of.
  • Young Fredle, Cynthia Voigt (audio). Kidlit, Best of the Best.
  • The Notorious Benedict Arnold, Steve Sheinkin. Nonfiction, Best of the Best & Cybils.
  • The Galacterian Legacy. Michelle Izmaylov. Kidlit. Written by a kid, actually.
  • Angelfall, Susan Ee (NOOK). YA, Cybils.
  • Wheels of Change, Sue Macy. Nonfiction, Best of the Best.
  • Zodiac Killer, Brenda Haugen. Nonfiction, Best of the best.
  • The Returning, Christine Hinwood. YA, Best of the Best.
  • The Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater. YA, Best of the Best.
  • The Same Stuff as Stars, Katherine Paterson. Kidlit.
  • A View of the Ocean, Jan de Hartog. Memoir.
  • Drama City (NOOK), George Pelecanos. TBR. Suspense.
  • The Great Wall of Lucy Wu, Wendy Wan-Long Shang. Kidlit, Cybils.
What am I still reading? At least I have actually been reading most of them, even if not productively. TBR books are from my To Be Read list, and RML books are Reading My Library picks. Eleven books are actually a very short list for me:
  • Willie Mays, The Life, The Legend, James S. Hirsch. TBR It turned up in my kids' room. Hmm. Maybe I went in to wake them up and put it down? And they threw a sleeping bag on top?
  • Infamous Scribblers, Eric Burns. TBR I'm in part III, post-war reporting. I tend to read more light fiction during read-a-thons.
  • The Clockwork Three, Matthew Kirby. RML. The three kids' problems are starting to intercept.
  • The Dark Knight Returns, Frank Miller. This would go faster if my kid didn't keep stealing it.
  • Smart But Scattered, Peg Dawson & Richard Guare.  Making plans -- for waking up, heading for school, etc.
  • Honored Enemy, Raymond Feist & William R Forstchen.  Ignored this week.
  • Knight of a Trillion Stars, Dara Joy. Also ignored.
  • The Catholic Church in the Modern World, E.E.Y. Hales. Untouched.
  • Close Range: Wyoming Stories, Annie Proulx. If I keep putting this down after each break, it will take me years to read this.
  • The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, Jeanne Birdsall. Audio. Marshmallow roasting.
  • The Ring of Solomon, Jonathan Stroud. Audio. With 7th grader. CD 2. We do love the narrator.
Monday is almost over, but I'll go sign in on the update posts that Book Journey does, where everyone notes what they read, are reading, and intent to read. Teach Mentor Texts echos this with a concentration on children's books, which is good for me since that's most of what I read this week.

What will I read next? I've still got a pile of Best of the Best books next to a comfortable chair. I want to work on those nonfiction history and biography books I'm reading, and to catch up on my Reading My Library picks. That's where I'll concentrate this week.

  1. Cybils: 60/73. Real progress!
  2. Global Reading Challenge: 13/21. No change.
  3. Where Am I Reading?:  22/50. I should check the rules to see if I need to review things, since I've read 29/50.
  4. Science Book Challenge: 1.141/3.14159. No change, but a qualified book is out from the library.
  5. Reading My Library:  Finished one, which is good. On Ks.
  6. Eclectic Challenge: 10/12. Need to review 3, though.
  7. Best of the Best: 25/25. Amazing!


Amy said...

You *limit* yourself to only starting one new book a day? I'm usually reading 3-4 books at a time, but I only start a new one maybe twice a month. I feel like a slug! :)

Beth said...

Well, I don't *have* to start a new book each day. I just can't start more than one. And I read a lot of short books.

Leeanna said...

I really liked Bunheads when I read it earlier this year.