Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book to Comics

I like the Mercy Thompson books that Patricia Briggs writes, so I put my name on the library list for her newest: Homecoming. Turns out that this book is a hardback comic with a new story about how Mercy found her home in Oregon. I've only read a few comics, a couple of which were based on books. I think one was a Jim Butcher story. In this case, although the story was good and the artwork was vivid, my inner vision of the characters differed a lot from the artist's rendering. I'm sure that his matches the descriptions, and he was the one working with the author, but I had a lot of trouble remembering who was who because no one looked like they do in my head. I probably won't look for future versions of the comic, but only because they weren't channeling me for their models. B

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