Thursday, October 29, 2009

Library Haul

Well, I turned in more than I checked out, so it was a successful day. I'm probably going to move library day around, maybe to Monday, because Thursday is also Kids Cook night, and too much excitement is bad for the adults.

This week I brought home two from the hold shelf:
And I saw a new kid book:
  • Two Under Par, by Kevin Henkes. His picture books are lovely, and his chapter books tend to be sweet. Also, I think people named Kevin tend to be good writers.
I'm still on my picture book kick, so we grabbed:
  • The Pigeon Has Feelings Too, by Mo Willems, which is technically a board book but we are Pigeon fans.
  • Edwina: The Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct, again by Mo
  • Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed, once again by Mo. We must remember to send this over to my sister, who is a naked mole rat fan.
  • Have I Got a Book For You, by Melanie Watt
P read the two longer Mo books to his cousin on the ride home, so I declare the library visit a success already. N had accompanied us on the trip as he was in exile from school, which thinks he looks like he has a fever. There are no other symptoms -- his temperature is normal, his energy is high, his appetite rages, but in these troubled times he was willing to skip some education to protect his classmates. And get some good stories from his cousin. A could not assist, as he was in the back reading:
  • Oh Say, I Can't See, a Time-Warp Trio book by Jon Scieszka,
  • Star Wars Clone War Adventures # 10 (a graphic book)
  • Star War Clone War Advantures #2 (likewise)
These were all finished as we pulled into the garage. I hope he has books from school to last him the rest of the week. Or I guess he could find one around the house somewhere...

Library count right now: 79, of which 7 are officially on the kids' cards.

It turns out that other people also like to blog their weekly library hauls, so I shall sign up with the crowd. Library Loot this week is hosted by ReadingAdventures, at least until later today.


Marg said...

79 books! I thought I had a lot out!

Welcome to Library Loot!

Kristen said...

79 books out! You crack me up. And coincidentally, I have Shelf Discovery sitting right next to me right now. I'm going to peruse it so I can join in Julie's Shelf Discovery Challenge ( if you're at all interested in playing along.

Beth said...

I never said 79 books! Some are music CDs. Two are movies. And the picture books hardly count! (Of course, the digital books don't count in the total...)

I'll go check out the challenge.