Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday Summary

This week has seen a general collapse on my blogging, which is very sad. On the other hand, my Facebook Cafe and Roller Coaster Park seem to be thriving busily. Good to see my priorities are in place. So I'm going to try to try harder. I think I'll go back to aiming to blog every day, even if I haven't finished a book. I shall cushion myself with Sunday Summary, the day when I tell you about all the books I haven't read.

I know how exciting that is for all my many readers. Mom? Mom? Why don't you ever comment?

I also have my Library Log, which is going up today despite the library trip last Thursday. And on Saturday I'll do rapid reports of any books I haven't reviewed, so each Sunday I start with a clean table. So that's three days saved, which means I only need four books a week, which seems doable. Maybe I'll also throw in some details of my thrilling life, such as the mayhem in the kitchen when the kids cook, or an exciting book club. You may laugh, but my book club is on the wild side. I would post pictures of some of our events, but this is a family blog. Let's just say that nudity was involved and leave it at that.

Where are my bookmarks languishing? What have I finished? This list is short:
  • Language of Bees, which is the name of the book I was reading, not Beekeeper's Apprentice. I've had the two books confused for a while, which is one of the reasons I didn't read LoBs for so long; I thought it was a reissue of the first book. I'm not the only one making this mistake; LibraryThing has a picture of Beekeeper's Apprentice up for this book. Bugs confuse me, especially stinging ones.
  • Kringle, the book about Santa Clause.
  • Even Money, by Dick Francis & son Felix Francis
It's not that I'm not doing other reading, but it's mostly directionless and in the middle of books. It's not so much that this week was crazy, but that I spent most of it flailing about and not doing anything for more than a few minutes at a time.

I'll be honest about the library books:
  • Serenity Found (another set of essays, written after the movie)
  • The Name of the Wind (he's at the wizard school, getting trouble. Not mischief, trouble.)
  • The Year of the Flood (I've lost track of one of the viewpoint characters, which is unfortunate)
  • The Book Whisperer (a teacher's manual on how to get kids to love reading)
  • The Prisoner Within (an SF book from the honor shelf which I misplaced for a year, oops)
We found a stack of Black Lagoon books, and both kids have been reading them nonstop. P also started the next Sammy Keyes book, and promptly lost it. So we searched all over and found the first one, which was a relief, but not helpful. Luckily the library is a good back-up. A has been rereading most of the Percy Jackson books; he has one of the side books on hold at several libraries. So my kids have been finishing things, just not me. I shall view that as hope for the future of humanity, not a sad personal indictment .


kmitcham said...

Blogging every day is hard.

I just finished a book- I forget what it was called, but it was the Jeff Shaara book about the Mexican-American War. The title could have been "Robert E Lee Was ALWAYS Da Bomb!"

I liked it.

Beth said...

Is it one you borrowed from Andy? Maybe I'll borrow it too. It unsettles me to hear of books other people have read that I missed.