Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Challenge -- Clear Your Shelves

There is this book blog thing called a Challenge, where we dare each other to read more books. Or get acknowledged for what we were reading, but meet up with people reading similar things. My Wednesday A-Z challenge fits this, but most challenges are topic based and date based.

I'm dipping my toe into one -- the challenge to read some of the books I've been carting around with me for years. So my challenge is that between now and Nov. 30th, 20% of the books I read will be ones I bought before October 1st, and hopefully earlier. I'm picking the lower level because I've never tried to sort my books this way before. I got the Clear Off Your Shelves challenge from Kristen's BookNAround, but it's hosted by S. Krisna. GO!

1 comment:

S. Krishna said...

So glad you joined this challenge! That was a great summary of what a challenge is by the way, I've been thinking of writing one myself and linking to it for all the challenges I'm going to host in the future!

Anyways, sorry for the random thought. Good luci!