Thursday, October 22, 2009

K for Kringle, OK?

Today is K Day on Reading at the Beach's A-Z Wednesday, so I tossed through my unread book pile until I found Kringle, by Tony Abbott (he's the Secrets of Droon guy). It's a retelling of the legend of Santa Clause, with Kringle as the boy chosen one who fights goblins with the aid of shoe-fixing elves, a Christian hermit, and reindeer that are the avatars of his dead parents. It's an interesting mishmash of ideas that mostly works, but occasionally I found myself out in the cold wondering if I had wandered into an allegory. Kringle has boyish adventures like battling goblins with his stick as well as mystical adventures involving a vision quest inside a frozen crevice. The book kept me turning the pages (it was fairly easy to read this even in a moderately busy day), but some of the strangeness was jarring.

I'll leave it out for my kids, but they probably won't pick it up until the holiday season, if then. B-.


Anonymous said...

Sounds very different from the story I heard as a child, great choice!!!

Thanks for playing!

gautami tripathy said...

Interesting storyline!

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