Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood

It was a beautiful day, all four kids were with me, and best of all, no school all week! We do love us some free time. I hate school. Even when I'm not the one attending.

I finished up all the due books, and trotted off to both libraries holding firmly to my resolutions, and did fairly well. I think ordering pizza at our favorite place first helped, since I was already feeling gratified.

My hold shelf offered up:
  • Ender's Game: Battle School, the graphic novel version. X already read this, so it was clearly for him.
I then browsed the picture books, and accepted a few offerings from the children:
  • Owl at Home, by Arnold Lobel. From the recommended list.
  • How Obelix Fell Into the Magic Potion When He Was a Little Boy. Asterix is always cool. X already read this as well.
One book fell into my arms, from our soon-to-be-amalgamated local library, sniff sniff:
  • A Touch of Dead, by Charlaine Harris. Again, it hardly counts because I've probably read all the stories and I got it for my sister anyway.
X and A also got some books for themselves, and N found a movie, but that's not my fault. We paid off the lost Sonic thing, and those boys will repay me all $3 of it. I was practically begging for a restock fee to teach them the error of their ways, but I restrained myself. We also got 4 CDs for car listening this week, including one marked "Parental Advisory" so I guess I'll listen to that one by myself and just tell the kids if it was good...

Total Books from Library Elf (counting all the kid stuff that I'm legally responsible for even if I hope not to read it): 92. Stuff on my card: 84. And I think they haven't taken everything off that I turned in; sometimes it takes the county a day or so to check the movies and music since they don't take it off your record until they check the disc. I'm in the double digits! Go Me!

I'll go sign up for Library Loot this week. That's a weekly event hosted in turns by Eva's A Striped Armchair (this week's host) and Marg's Reading Adventures where bloggers can share their library finds of the week. Some of them make me look restrained.


Marg said...

I am so glad that my library has a limit of 60. They offered to extend it temporarily and I declined, simply because there really just needs to be a limit somewhere!

Enjoy your loot!

Eva said...

Sounds like you're exercising a bunch of self-control! Your kids got off lucky re: the lack of restocking fee! I remember losing a Babysitter's Club book when I was elementary school, and I think I had to $14 for it (when paperbacks cost like $4). That hurt. I did end up finding the book like two years later when my family was moving!

Susan said...

I didn't know you got the Harris book for me. This is the first I heard you got the Harris book at all. Maybe it is a surprise :)

Beth said...

Yes, the libraries here are really good about that. I like it when *I* lose books, but I felt my kids weren't learning their lesson.

Susan, I had to read it to make sure it was appropriate. I'll bring it over tomorrow to brighten your day. Not that much -- it's all the short stories collected together.

Kristen said...

I actually went to the library and you were restrained on your visit. Something is clearly not right in the world!