Sunday, February 28, 2010

My reading focus right now is staring at the headlight of an oncoming library train-wreck. Most of my books are coming due NOW, no more renews. In a fortnight things get better, but it's a giant gulp to get there. On the plus side, so far I've enjoyed all these books I haven't bothered to read until the deadline, and occasionally I let myself remember that I could always, you know, check the books out again.

So, I have many of my own books with bookmarks, but they have all been relegated to the bottom shelf of my night stand while I keep one step ahead of the library due date tigers. I am energetically reading:
  • The Private Patient, by PD James. I really like the fine spotlight James puts on each character in turn.
  • Where Men Win Glory, by Jon Krakauer. The is the second book he's written about a dead young man; in this case Pat Tillman is vibrantly alive until he gets shot.
  • Pink Brain, Blue Brain by Lise Eliot. Boys and girls aren't THAT different after all. I'm on the preschool chapter, which doesn't resonate that much because my boys never did the girls-are-different thing. Of course, they never played much with dolls, either.
  • Promise of the Flame, Sylvia Engdahl. Another too-talky book about psychic people creating a new society. A bit too repetitive for me to love.
I inched along in a few books that aren't as pressing, mainly because they fit in my coat pocket.
  • Blaze of Memory, by Nalini Singh. Still don't think I'll like this one.
  • Positive Discipline, by Jane Nelsen. Got to keep up with my homework. I'm actually liking this one a lot; it helps me keep my cool when all around me are losing theirs.
I didn't read any of my home books, dang it. Maybe in the spring. I did page through LeGuin's Tombs of Atuan while putting it away, but I just read the good bits.

One last list: Books I Have Finished This Week.
So, three kidlit, a YA, two paranormal fantasy, poetry and science. Closer to a well-balanced meal, and mostly enjoyable reads.

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