Friday, June 3, 2011

Getting Ready for the 48 Hour Book Challenge

48 Hour Book ChallengeTomorrow (right after we exhaust ourselves with the school fundraising fun-run), we commence MotherReader's 48 Hour Book Challenge.  We'll go from Friday night (starting as close to 8pm as I can manage) through Sunday night.  How will I corral the kids? I've talked them into joining in!  So no one will expect meals or conversation or reminders to bathe -- we will all be too busy reading!

My goal is 25 hours, which leaves me time to actually interact with people.  I may be able to exceed this, of course.  X (the sixth grader) has a goal of ten hours, and he's planning to reread The Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Unfortunately he's jumped the gun a bit by reading most of the first one yesterday, but I have back-up books for him.  P (the fourth grader) is also hoping for ten hours, which is more of a stretch for him.  He's the one with the six mile goal for the run, so I think his plan is to render himself incapable of moving for the weekend, which will increase his reading time.  A has a goal of two hours; she has studied the weather reports and found sun, so doesn't plan to waste her life in a book.  N thinks reading is for the birds; Pokemon movies are where cool people spend their time.  Luckily those last two have a mom around to tend them.

We made an emergency trip to the library to get a few last minute holds as well as an audio book in case I'm forced to drive somewhere.  I did notice A picking up some texts, so I have hope that she will exceed her expectations.  I also picked up some more book-candy for those brain-dead moments. I've lifted all bedtime restrictions for children actively reading; I've lined up some timers for us to use, and we are ready to go!  Wish us luck!

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