Friday, June 3, 2011

Ready, Set, Go!

48 Hour Book Challenge

It's 8:00 and we are off!  I think I'll leave this post up and just update periodically to note books and times.

Friday: 8:00 PM Start!

Friday 10:00 PM Finished Book 1: The Commoner, John Schwartz (started at page 100).  Me: 2 hours. Kids: nothing.

Friday/Saturday -- Midnight:
Me: 4 hours (15 minutes social blogging)
X: 70 minutes
P: unknown

Saturday: 10:00 AM
Me: 7.5 hours (8-1 AM, 8:30-10).  Two books finished.
X: 1.5 hours
P: unknown.

Saturday: Noon
Me: 9.5 hours (including 30 minutes social blogging)
X: 95 minutes
P: unknown

Saturday: 6 PM
me: 15.5 hours reading/reviewing (includes 45 minutes social blogging)
X: 115 minutes
P: unknown (he hasn't returned from his sleep-over.  I think the beautiful weather has seduced him; we haven't seen the sun for some time.)

Saturday: 10:20 PM
me: 19.5 reading/reviewing (I've spent all day with my nose in a book)
X: 155 minutes.  He considers this his real start.
P: Unknown.  He returned from his sleepover without his timer, and utterly exhausted from a day at the pool.  He also left his current book behind.  On the other hand, it's nice that someone enjoyed this wonderful day.

Sunday: 12:30 AM
me: 22 Hours reading/reviewing (Includes an hour of snooping on others' progress)
X: 4 hours 5 min.
P: Been sleeping since the last checkin, so the same.

Sunday: 9:30 AM
me: 23 hours reading/reviewing (includes 75 minutes snooping)
X: 4 hours 10 mins
P: 1.5 hours

Sunday: 12:00 Noon
me: 25 hours reading/reviewing (75 minutes online) (Made my goal!)
X: 4 hours 33 minutes (he's taking this tracking thing seriously
P: 1.5 hours.  He's mowing the lawn.

Sunday: 5:00 PM
me: 29.5 reading/reviewing (75 minutes online)
X: 5 hours
P: 2 hours 30 minutes

Sunday: 8:00 PM
me: 32 hours!  (80 minutes online)
X: 6.5 hours
P:  4 hours 15 minutes

Books Touched (Me):
  1. The Commoner *
  2. The Interior Life *
  3. A Kiss in Time *
  4. Feng Shui Roleplaying
  5. Curse of the Wolf Girl
  6. Baking Cakes in Kigali *
  7. The Hob's Bargain *
  8. Peter and the Starcatchers *
  9. The Whistling Season 
  10. Life At the Edge *
  11. Hammered *
  12. Dark Angel *
  13. Treachery in Death *
  14. Ender's Shadow
Books Touched (X):
  1. Omnivore's Dilemna (his vegetarianism is becoming more strident)
  2. Fray *
  3. Calvin and Hobbes 10th Anniversary book
  4. Shadow Puppets
Books Touched (P):
    1. Ender's Shadow *
    2. Ender's Game
    3. Calvin and Hobbes Lazy Sundays
    * = finished


    Bibliovore said...

    Yay! Go, go, go!

    Abby said...

    Woohoo! Good luck and happy reading!

    Sam @ Parenthetical said...

    Interesting! I loved OMNIVORE'S DILEMMA, and actually felt he wrote pretty favorably about meat-eating -- just responsible meat-eating. I had been a vegetarian before I read it, and now have shifted to more of a locovore-ominvorous sort of diet.

    (Sometimes it is nice to talk about something that is not YA fantasy. :) )

    Beth said...

    I haven't read it yet; he has the copy. It'll be interesting to talk about it with him; right now we're just tossing comments about while reading.