Thursday, March 4, 2010

Duelling Dragons: Dragon Spear on D Day

Today is Reading on the Beach's A-Z Wednesday, with D the starring letter. Every week bloggers are invited to spotlight a book starting with the letter of the week. You show the cover, tell the title, give a synopsis, and post a link. Just to be annoying, I like to actually read (sometimes just finish) the book on that day, so I include my little review. Makes things more interesting. Then I sign up on her page to see what everyone else came up with.

This week is complicated by my need to read the stuff due tomorrow, but I found Dragon Spear, a children's book already started, as the perfect filler. It was good timing because some of my other books were about to get very depressing.

Dragon Spear is the third book in Jessica Day George's dragon setting, and it fits nicely with the others. Creel is the spunky seamstress who befriends the dragons; she alternates working on her wedding dress with helping the dragons deal with kidnapping and empire building from a splinter group of runty dragons. She occasionally does something silly (stops to tie her shoe while on a secret mission, and gets separate from her raiding party) but generally manages to get herself out of her fixes. There's no deep after glow, but a pleasant adventure story, garnished with some sewing challenges that get as much respect as any other subplot. It's fun to have a hero who doesn't start off by condemning sewing as boring. And I like the idea of somebody named George writing books about friendly dragons. B

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