Thursday, March 18, 2010

Friends and Enemies: Free Fire (F Day!)

Today is Reading on the Beach's A-Z Wednesday, with F the starring letter. Every week bloggers are invited to spotlight a book starting with the letter of the week. You show the cover, tell the title, give a synopsis, and post a link. Just to be annoying, I like to actually read (sometimes just finish) the book on that day, so I include my little review. Makes things more interesting. Then I sign up on her page to see what everyone else came up with.

Last week I missed posting about my E book, because my internet started dying whenever I walked near with a book. I read Enemy Spy, a Shredderman series book by Wendelin Van Draanen. I know you were worried about it.

Today I finished Free Fire, a Joe Pickett book by C.J. Box. This seems to be a mystery series about a game warden up near Yellowstone (actually in Yellowstone for this book), and I picked it as part of my personal goal to read a book off every shelf in the local library. Which has just become the 2nd closest library, so I may restart this challenge closer to home. Anyway, so far I'm really enjoying the books I'm finding this way, especially the ones I wouldn't have ordinarily come across. Box builds the suspense slowly with the story of the small town lawyer who noticed that a quirk of law made a small section of the park a legal free zone, where no laws could apply. Not even murder. Meanwhile Pickett struggles with his new life since his dismissal from the state park service, until he gets a strange offer back in. The danger mounts but attention is also paid to family, new and old, and friendship. Betrayals and injustice sneak in from above and below the law, while true friendship and courage really shine. I'll probably try to pick up some more of these, although I seem to have started with the seventh so I'm not sure whether to go forward or back. B+

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