Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today is Reading on the Beach's A-Z Wednesday, with G the starring letter. Every week bloggers are invited to spotlight a book starting with the letter of the week. You show the cover, tell the title, give a synopsis, and post a link. Just to be annoying, I like to actually read (sometimes just finish) the book on that day, so I include my little review. Makes things more interesting. Then I sign up on her page to see what everyone else came up with.

This week is I lucked out, with one of the books due tomorrow starting with the letter "G." How foresightful of me. Alma Alexander's Gift of the Unmage is a YA fantasy about a world where almost everyone has magic, except Thea, our hero. Although a seventh child, she has no magic at all and gets shipped off to the special school for non-magical types (my kids liked the idea of a reverse-Harry Potter when I told them about this). Of course, she has some powers of her own, as well as a special threat from some of the other creatures allied with the humans. A solid blossoming into adulthood story, with some attention paid to what happens under the surface. B

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