Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fluffy Vampires: First Drop of Crimson

I believe Jeaniene Frost has a long series out about her vampires; First Drop of Crimson appears to be a spin-off about a secondary character. It's a standard romance -- boy promises to help save girl from a demon, they fall in love but each think the other isn't serious, they face danger together and alone, and live happily ever after. And the "ever after" means just that, since vampires are immortal.

Denise, the heroine, is a widow who lost her husband to a supernatural attack. She's not sure she wants to get involved with a vampire, especially one who is just helping her because she blackmailed him. Spade, the hero, has everything, including looks, money, helpful minions, super powers, blah blah blah, but he doesn't want to fall in love with a short-lived human. And there is the demon, the demon-blood, the vampire drug-lords, and a few other plot threads whipping about. It's a fun, fluffy read, although at the end everyone seems to forget the huge problem they've spent most of the book worrying about. Hey, they are officially in their happy-ever-after, so I guess they know they don't have to worry about pesky vampire mafia types anymore. B

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kmitcham said...

Getting involved with anyone you are blackmailing just seems imprudent, vampire or not.