Sunday, April 25, 2010

Internet Free Status

We have started our Screens-off Week, a week behind the rest of the world because of family illness. So I'm writing my posts off-line and sticking them up with limited connectivity. This gives me an excuse to use hyperlinks even more rarely. I have found an icon lying around that sums up the family feeling towards this event.

On the book front, I'm pleased to report that for the second week in a row, all the library books fit in their case. I'd like there to be more room at the top, but the trend is good.

I seem to be starting a new book each day, but I'm finishing one most days as well, so I'm OK with that. I like to have a lot of choices on what to read at any second.

We had a fun time in the bookstore today, cashing in our March Madness winnings. We play for book money, so it's a hotly watched event. Or at least it was, until all my teams crashed and burned in a horribly early conflagration. It took us this long to find a weekend open for all of us to go and spend the winnings. I was seized with a fit of tidiness and only bought some cooking magazines (the ones with weekly shopping lists -- if you have a copy of Rachel Ray's current than you know what we are eating next week) and a replacement Bujold since I read my copy to death last week. I saw lots of stuff I meant to put on hold at the library, but I can't because that requires the computer. Stupid Turn-off Week! I have found an image for it, see above. Take that, you do-gooders who birthed this idea and convinced me it was a good idea to foist it upon my innocent children. And me.

Open books:
  • The Ages of Chaos, Marion Zimmier Bradley. Darkover book recommended by Jo Walton.
  • Hanging Out With Cici, Francine Pascal, for a challenge
  • First Drop of Crimson, Jeaniene Frost. I think this is a fluffy sexy vampire book.
  • The Pro-Child Way: Parenting With an Ex, Ellen Kellner. How to be nice.
  • And Falling, Fly, Skyler White. Not so fluffy vampire book.
  • The Firelings, Carol Kendall. The volcano awakes. Timely, eh?
  • How To Teach Physics To Your Dog, Chad Orzel.
  • Marriage and Other Acts of Charity, Kate Braestrup
  • Key to Rondo, Emily Rodda. Was supposed to be my K book. Hm, I have no L book ready either.
Two of those books aren't even library books!

I have no idea what I've read lately, since I keep that information online.
  • Small Adventures of Popeye and Elvis, Barbara O'Connor.
  • Dr. Frau, Grace H. Kaiser. Doctor for the Amish.
  • Whatever it was I turned in on Thursday. So it was heavy, whatever it was.

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