Saturday, June 26, 2010

One Way Doors: Exit Point

Laura Langston's Exit Point is published by Orca Books as a high interest low-reading level book, and despite the dreary sounding genre most of these Orca Sounding books are quite good. Langston's idea is that everyone has a mission for their life, and your life is planned to end at Exit Point Five after completing that mission. But there are earlier exit points you can grab if you can't bear to go on to the next portion. Logan wakes up dead; he killed himself in an idiotic drunk driving race, but he learns that really he just couldn't face the next set of problems in his life -- he bailed rather than stick around to force his parents to acknowledge that their good friend was molesting his sister.

(Yes, most Orca books revolve around a Problem. They are written for YA, after all.)

Logan decides to stop taking the easy way out, especially now that it is apparently too late, and he uses his meager post-life powers to try to help his sister. It's an interesting story that held my attention enough that I didn't really notice that the words and sentences aren't quite at the third grade level. It's the first Orca book that I think my tween kid would enjoy. B+

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