Monday, June 28, 2010

Saving the World, Again!: Crocodile Tears

Poor Alex Rider keeps trying to retire, but fate wants him to be a master spy. In Anthony Horowitz'sCrocodile Tears (Alex Rider, No. 8) Crocodile Tears (Alex Rider, No. 8) he rescues his date (and her dad) from the depths of a Scottish loch (I guess he watches Mythbusters), then steals industry secrets from a bio-engineering firm in return for protecting his secret identity. This annoys the super-villains, who attempt to feed him to hungry crocodiles.

Did I mention the nuclear explosion? Or the ricin attacks? Or the school suspension?

In other news, the new prime minister is shocked to find he has a fourteen-year-old agent, although I expect Alex to have his fifteenth birthday soon so that problem will be solved. I'm starting to notice the high body count -- bad guys tend to drop like flies around Alex, but since they are all bad, I don't think it bothers my son, who is still a big fan. B-

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