Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thirteen! And Done!

48 Hour Book ChallengeThe best part of chugging through the pile of currently-reading is that I can finally get back to some of the books I was enjoying! My final book was Sharon Shinn's Heart of Gold. Like all her books, this one involves grown-up people who are decent human beings, and find basic decency an important value. Too many of the books I've slogged through this weekend teem with selfish and nasty people who probably snigger at the thought of decency. I'm not talking about sex, I'm talking about telling a stranger that they dropped a wallet instead of snatching it and rifling through for cash. So I'm ending with a pleasant book.

Final Count-- 31 Hours. I'll do another post with all the numbers I can come up with. Thirteen books finished, although only one was from scratch, and around two hours of blogging against 29 hours of reading. No audio books, although I did make my son read to me during two library runs and I counted that time.

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Anonymous said...

31 hours! That's a big Wow. For some reason I was really tired this weekend and chose sleep over books. :-) Maybe next year... Congrats!