Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A Bridge Too Far: Winter Duty

I grabbed Winter Duty: A Novel of the Vampire Earth from the library favorites shelf because I like vampires and E.E. Knight's book had "A Novel of the Vampire Earth" on the spine with a little swirl that looks like a 1 but turns out to be part of the grass under the feet of the hero on the cover.  It's actually the eighth book, I think.  It does avoid the romance angle that I was dodging, so that was a plus, but I never really got into the story.  It's definitely the next stage in the history of David Valentine, rugged fighter with a dark past, with references to many people who were probably important in previous books, and events leading from other stuff that also probably happened in previous books.

Since I don't know any of that history or those people, I never managed to care about much.  It looks like a serviceable future history, with deadly vampire aliens fighting the remnants of humanity, but this is not a good entry point.  C

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