Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stay On Target: Library Haul

Now we have two spots to check on the hold shelves, because I've split my kids off from precious card (and they have a different last name).  I'm serious about this age-limit rule, even for me.  Not serious enough to not check out something I want, of course, but pretty serious.

An unexpected PTO meeting (well, unexpected in that Tuesday is not usually the first day of the week, but it was this week) made our visit very speedy, so I wasn't tempted to browse.  I also talked my son into checking out most of the music (I like to listen to library CDs in the car) because I was a bit surprised at the weight of my hold shelf.  Three books had shown up since I checked that morning.

I got:
  • Image of itemDo Unto Others... Michael Z. Williamson.  Libertarian military SF
  • Image of itemShotgun Sorceress, Lucy A. Snyder.  Last book club from Dirty Sexy Books.  The library got it to me just in time.
  • Image of itemThe Widow and the King,  John Dickinson.  2nd in a series by Robin McKinley's stepson.
  • Image of itemRanger's Apprentice: The Burning Bridge, John Flanigan.  Next ranger book.
  • Image of itemScarlet Pimpernel, Baraness Orczy.  I have a friend dealing with cancer, and she recommended this book. I hope she gets my good vibes as I read it.
  • Image of itemThe Occupied Garden, Kristen den Hartog and her sister.  This is totally MotherReader's fault, because her comment challenge (which I'm current on) led me to den Hartog's blog, with the result that I want to read her books.
  • Image of itemBird, Angela Johnson.  I actually ordered this one because it was listed with the other Heaven books, but I don't think it is related.  
  • Image of itemKidz Bop 18.  We've skipped to the end in our enjoyment of these fine works, but never fear, N and I are determined to hear them all.  I'd like to point out that in the song Naturally they put the thunder before the lightning, which is meteorologically incorrect.
So my total is officially on 41, which is MUCH smaller than my age.  I win! This week's library loot is at Marg's The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader, and I'm off to sign up and see what everyone else got.


Birgit said...

I quite liked the Scarlet Pimpernel and I'm intrigued by the John Dickinson book. I really need to drag my booty to the library. It's only a few blocks from me. But they had major roof damage which pretty much ruined every book and closed them for about 9 months but I think I've been seeing cars that look a little too expensive to belong to roofers there lately...

kmitcham said...

I might want to grab the Williamson from you; Seattle doesn't seem to have it, and Williamson does what he does fairly well.

Ms. Yingling said...

When I was growing up, we were allowed (by the librarians) to check out as many books as we could carry in a pile and hoist onto the counter! To this day, I can carry a whole lot of books!

Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

An excellent haul! The Scarlet Pimpernel is great fun and The Occupied Garden has been on my TBR list for ages.

Enjoy your loot!