Thursday, January 27, 2011

Old Beyond My Years: Limits Are Bad

So, I had to choose between new music for the car and breaking my silly age-limit on library items.  I need my music!  And rules are meant to be broken!  And I'm sure I have time to read all the books, and anyway I shouldn't even count CDs and movies and, and, and...  Anyway, this is clearly the season to wear my "Excuses are Fascinating" t-shirt.

Because of a elementary school patriotic music concert, normal children pick-ups was waived, so our usual after-school library trip didn't happen. Instead I snuck in by myself on the way to the school district's "we have no money and so don't expect any learning next year" meeting.  On the plus side, I was all by myself (as the librarians noticed).  Unfortunately I was also running late, so I only had time to grab my holds, pick some CDs mostly at random, and dash out.

On hold was:

Turning around, I grabbed a CD from each shelf of the music section, so that we are listening to:
The kids also hid the case from last week's Kidz Bop, so that's still in as well; N requests it whenever he remembers; he's not a string quartet fan.

Which brings my total to 48, which is a leeeetle older than me.  But not much, really. And I've already finished four books.  Not including the one due tomorrow, unfortunately, but still.  The library loot button is at Marg's Adventures of an Intrepid Reader this week; I'm off to sign up.


Christine said...

I like the idea of age-limits on library items!

My library recently received Five Flavors of Dumb. I'm going to borrow it at some point myself. I hope you like it.

Enjoy your loot!

Sean said...

Serenity comics, how I wish I could get those here - sigh

Jenners said...

I'm a sucker for the Glee soundtracks!! I love that show and enjoy the songs so much.

samantha.1020 said...

At least you try to limit yourself when it comes to library books. I can't seem to grasp that concept myself :) I've been meaning to begin Elizabeth George's series...hope you enjoy it!

kmitcham said...

You totally can't count the one you loaned me. It wasn't as good as the other with those characters, but it was fun.