Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tuesday Started This Week

Wow, this week didn't really seem to have a Monday, so I completely missed the weekly check-in that Sheila at Book Journey does, where everyone notes what they read, are reading, and intent to read. Teach Mentor Texts echos this with a concentration on children's books. I missed them both!

I finished a handful of books:
  • Matched (NOOK, YA)
  • The Know-It All (NF, well, memoir)
  • The Reading Promise (NF, again, memoir)
  • Me and the Pumpkin Queen (kidlit)
  • The Wives of Henry Oades (fiction)
  • Daybreak (graphic novel)
  • Pavement Chalk Artist (nonfiction, memoir)
  • Infinite Kung Fu (graphic novel)
  • The Iron Duke (NOOK, urban fantasy)
  • Brook Street: Thief (NOOK, romance)
  • Daughter of the Forest (SF)
  • The Influencing Machine (NF)
This clears out several books that I have been dragging around for weeks months, as well as some NOOK reading for the plane.

What am I still reading? Well, I have two lists, the books I'm carrying around and what I've actually been reading.

First, what I've been reading:
  • Angelfall, Susan Ee. NOOK. (Cybils) Infiltrating the angel stronghold now.
  • Willie Mays, The Life, The Legend, James S. Hirsch. Well, I started to read this, and now it has vanished completely. It's a huge hardback library book, so I have no idea how this happened.
  • Shattered Bonds, Dorothy Roberts. Description of how the flawed foster care system systematically undermines Black families. I was really enjoying this until I put it down somewhere and it ... vanished completely.
  • Angel's Flight, Nalini Singh. I picked this one in frustration over all my serious nonfiction books hiding from me.
  • Scorpio Races, Maggie Stiefvater. This is for the Best of the Best Challenge, but I like the characters and I don't think good things are going to happen to them.
I have bookmarks in but have completely ignored:
  • The Galacteran Legacy: Galaxy Watch, Michelle Izmaylov. (RML) Who can she trust? Well, the wrong people, obviously.
  • Bunheads, Sophie Flack. (Cybils). I'm picking this back up any day now.
  • Infamous Scribblers, Eric Burns. I started this in Atlanta, but am scared to pick it up again in case my house eats it (see above).
  • Smart But Scattered, Peg Dawson & Richard Guare.  Where to start to fix things.
  • The Same Stuff as Stars, Katherine Paterson. Nothing is so bad that a social worker can't make it worse.
  • Honored Enemy, Raymond Feist & William R Forstchen.  Nemesis has backstory.
  • Knight of a Trillion Stars, Dara Joy. Isn't it hot when he literally rips her clothes off? Wait, no, because she's trying to get away.
  • The Catholic Church in the Modern World, E.E.Y. Hales. Pope looks bad when he condemns liberalism.
  • Close Range: Wyoming Stories, Annie Proulx. Old guys at lunch in the first story.
  • The Penderwicks at Point Mouette, Jeanne Birdsall. Audio. Skye has a nervous breakdown.
  • Young Fredle, Cynthia Voight. Audio. Fredle is outside and getting by.
  • The Ring of Solomon, Jonathan Stroud. Audio. With 7th grader. CD 2. Queen of Sheba is introduced.
  • Beauty Queens, Libby Bray. Audio. This is great! CD 7. 
What will I read next? I've got a pile of Best of the Best books next to a comfortable chair, and maybe I can read 8 more in the next month. Hmm.  I'm eyeing  Jane, Bronxwood, and Leverage. I have a Perry Mason for bookclub, and a pile of library books that I acquired somehow.

  1. Cybils: 54/73.  Finished Feynman.
  2. Global Reading Challenge: 13/21. No change.
  3. Where Am I Reading?:  19/50. No change.
  4. Science Book Challenge: 1.141/3.14159. No change.
  5. Reading My Library:  Finished one, which is good. On Ks.
  6. Eclectic Challenge: 7/10. No change.
  7. Best of the Best: 17/25. Wow, this is a lot better than I thought.

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