Thursday, March 24, 2011

Misconceptions: Trust Me On This

Jennifer Crusie
 writes swift moving, taut romances about smart women meeting smart men and finding ways to come together, and she usually puts in enough twists and turns to keep me laughing while it happens.  In the caper comedy Trust Me on This (Loveswept), everyone comes in with an agenda, and the confusions and misconceptions keep the plot turning without further intervention from the author.

I liked that the side romance was for an older couple, and that no one thought that love conquers all, or that really good sex meant that they were fated to come together.  I liked that I kept smiling while I read the book, and only occasionally grimaced at the horrible mistakes about to happen, and at least those mistakes weren't because of gross stupidity.  It's fairly obvious that this is an earlier book, but it's still a fun one.  A great choice for reading on lines at Disneyland.  B

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