Saturday, March 26, 2011

Warm Fuzzies: Cork & Fuzz: The Babysitters

I interrupt my regularly schedule book post to mourn Diana Wynne Jones.  I have loved her books since Howl's Moving Castle, since Charmed Life, since Tale of Time City, which I read before I looked at the author's name so I didn't even know it was hers.  I picked up English editions of her books, I searched used book stores for her name, some of my first hardback purchases had her name on the spine.  I knew she was sick, but it's a shock to know she is gone.


Cork is a muskrat, whatever that is, and Fuzz is a possum, which I'm vaguely familiar with from appearances in corpse form on the side of roads.  But in Dori Chaconas's Cybils Easy Reader Finalist The Babysitters (Cork and Fuzz), they are lively and furry friends dealing with Cork's helpful desire to babysit a young porcupine.  Fuzz is a bit too busy with his bear trap to help much, but he's willing to supply useless advice.

I found the book friendly and cosy, perfect for a shared read or a bedtime story.  I see from the back that there are a handful of other books about these friends, but I was happy coming in with this one.  My fourth grader also liked it, although my sixth grader is nowhere to be found for his opinion.  This one has just moved to first place in my list.  A

I'm hoping the Amazon link benefits the Cybils committee, but I doubt it will ever get tested.

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Susan said...

I am just catching up on your blog...I didn't realize DWJ has died! Sad day. We should get our book club to do one of hers soon as a memorial.