Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Defective Druid: Unshapely Things

Mark Del Franco writes an urban fantasy series (starting with Unshapely Things (Connor Grey, Book 1)) about a druid, Conner Grey, who used to be a hot-shot with magic, but has been sidelined with a work-related brain injury.  So instead of living high on the hog, he's scraping by on disability payments and occasional work consulting with a human detective.  It gives Del Franco a character with a lot of knowledge but unhampered by enough power to blow through problems.  Conner also gets a personal arc to work through as he confronts his new identify as a magic-less under-employed guy, who finds the world a lot different than he did when he was a super-powerful high ranking guy.

I found it readable but not outstanding; the story moved along and Conner changed a bit and learned a bit; sometimes too much was handed to him but his actions proved important in the end.  I wasn't captured enough to search out the other books, but I won't mind reading them if I come across them.  B-

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