Friday, May 13, 2011

Harriet and Peter; A Presumption of Death

During World War II, Dorothy Sayers wrote a few letters from her Peter Wimsey series for the Spectator, which gives hints of where the major players were at the beginning of the war. With these,  Jill Paton Walsh constructs a new Lord Peter tale, with Harriet and the great one solving a murder in the village near Talboys, scene of the last real book. Although not up to the brilliant sparkle of Sayer's Harriet Vane and Lord Peter, I still enjoyed the visit back with such wonderful characters, and it doesn't hurt that I enjoy World War II Britain stories on their own.

There's a new Walsh/Sayers book out, but I grabbed this one first since I can barely remember what happened, just enough to know which way the murder tended. I did remember the scene with a disheveled Bunter, because of course, as Lord Peter acknowledges, it is frabjous day when Bunter is not at the top of his game. Anyway, not for rabid Sayers fans, but a fun read for more easy-going devoted fans.  B

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