Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sulky Selkie: The Folk Keeper

The Folk Keeper by Franny BillingsleyFranny Billingsley has a new book coming out that has a lot of people excited.  I had never heard of her before, so instead of waiting for the new book I ordered up the older The Folk Keeper so I could see what the fuss was about.  I do like it when the world arranges things so I don't have to wait.  Books are like pots; they should wait for me, not me for them.  At least I think pots are like that; I heard my sister say something like that once.

The Folk Keeper is the perfect book for a school library; interesting, with the focus on the main character, youth-oriented, with little ambiguity about the adults because all the moral issues are left for the adolescents, and short, thin enough to read in one day so you can go back the next morning to check out more books.  Corianna, the main character, is self-absorbed enough to miss a lot of clues around her, allowing me the smugness of figuring stuff out first.  I knew why lying is dangerous for her! I knew her true nature! I knew which boy liked her! (But everyone knew that, so it wasn't such a big deal.)

The end disappointed me a bit, because most of the high prices the characters paid were refunded to them, which cheapens things. I'm the type that leaves the little mermaid walking on knives, even if I relent and let her have the prince.  B

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