Saturday, May 7, 2011

Less Challenging: 2011 Global Reading Challenge

My current global reading challenges asks both for authors from different countries, but also for books I can share with my kids.  This turns out to be hard, even if I count books I try and fail to share with my kids, and counting books when I can't tell where the author originates frustrates me.  Since my general approach to challenges is to avoid being actually challenged, I need a new list to use when books are useless for my read-American challenge (Where Are You Reading?).

Luckily the 2011 Global Reading Challenge fits right in.  At the Expert level, it asks for three novels from each continent, with an extra continent thrown in for those space-station kind of books.  I am of course back-dating all my reading so far, or at least the books that I consider real novels and that take place somewhere.  I'm going to try not to count books set in the US, so I hope Canada or Mexico come through for me.

North America
  • Victim Rights (Canada). Hey, I forgot to review this!
  • Hammered (Canada: Ontario)
  • Border Crossing, Maria Cruz (Mexico) (a real novel)
  • Born to Run (Mexico)  (technically not a novel)
South America
Seventh Continent

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