Monday, May 23, 2011

Monday Catch-up

Last week I fell off the reading bandwagon.  Instead of studiously finishing the books on my various lists, I wandered aimlessly about the house, picking things up and putting them down, occasionally panicking at the sight of upcoming library due dates or drooling over favorite passages in whatever caught my eye.  I've now spread books all over my house, and finding and maybe finishing everything I've started will be a bit of a project.  I didn't even record my latest library finds because they too were scattered about.  So this is a two week summary, plus extra bonus library accountability.

What did I read?
  • Unshapely Things, Mark Del Franco
  • The Seige of Macindaw (Ranger'sApprentice 6) by John Flanagan
  • Meet Kaya: An American Girl by Janet Beeler Shaw
  • Nightlife, Rob Thurman
  • My Lord and Spymaster, by Joanna Bourne
  • Evolve, Vampire Stories of the New Undead, Canadian stories edited by Nancy Kilpatrick
  • If a Tree Falls at Lunch Period, by Gernifer Choldenko
  • Tinker, Wen Spencer (and large parts of her other books)
  • Indulgence In Death,  J.D. Robb.
  • Circles in the Stream (Avalon: Web of Magic #1), Rachel Roberts. 
What trends do I see? My brain is made of tapioca.

Right now I'm reading: 
  • Virtual Community, Howard Rheingold.  Book about the Well in the 90's.  Interesting perspective.
  • Aunt Dimity and the Family Tree, Nancy Atherton.  The saccharine level is dangerously high.
  • Curse of the Wolf Girl, Martin Millar, recommended by Jenny's books.  Fun in short dosages.
  • Queen's Play, Dorothy Dunnet, my library Nook book, which disappeared. Must re-check out
  • Territory, Emma Bull (vacation book)
  • Hammered, Elizabeth Bear (vacation book)
  • Bad Prince Charlie, John Moore (vacation book)
  • Interior Life, Katherine Blake (vacation book) 
  • The Rogue's Return, Jo Beverly (vacation book)
  • The Hob's Bargain, Patricia Briggs (vacation book)
  • The Secret Duke, Jo Beverly.  Found under my bedside table with a bookmark.
  • How I Met My Countess, Elizabeth Boyle.  Also found.
From the library I retrieved:
  • Cagebird, Karin Lowachee.  Reloot.  This is the weakest of the three Warchild books so far.
  • The First Cut, Diane Emley.  There's an alphabetical online book club reading this.
  • Pod, Stephen Wallenfels.  Cybils book.
  • Nightlife, Rob Thurman.  I read this already.  
  • The Battle for Azeroth, ed by Bill Fawcett.  Nonfiction about my other popular obsession.
  • A book for my son and a movie for my nephew. Because I'm nice that way.
This leaves me with 67 things checked out on my card.  Soon I will be down in the 50s!

Quick stats on my Challenges:
A-Z: 30/52.  Small progress, OK as long as it continues
Cybils: 39/76. Inching along.
Global Reading Challenge:  9/21. Stuck.
Michigan: 2/2.  Finished!  Hooray!
Once Upon a Time: 9/5.  I'm an overachiever.
Read Around the World: 11/20.  Seven are Ranger's Apprentice books, which seems like cheating.
Science Book Challenge: 1/3.141...  Haven't read the science books out from the library.
Stream: 3/3, 2/3.  One stream has branched.
Take a Chance: 3/10. My dad had the Economist's Best of the Year 2010 list, which helps.
20/11: 16/20.  If I finished my library reloot, I'd have #17.
What's In a Name?: 4/6.  Very hard! I found a more acceptable choice for #4 though.
Where Am I Reading?: 20/50. Woot!  One of the series books I'm reading on my way around the library was set in Pennsylvania.

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