Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ex-Navy: Frisco's Kid

Frisco's Kid (Tall, Dark & Dangerous #3)I'm a sucker for the romance trope where one character is saddled with a good kid, but those are few and far between.  Suzanne Brockman delivers a decent version in Frisco's Kid (Tall, Dark & Dangerous, Book 3), the first in a series about really tough SEALs and the women who (eventually) love them.  At least I think it's a series; I've only read this one.

Frisco has just been medically discharged.  Although he confounded doctors by learning to walk on his combat-injured knee, he's nowhere near the fitness demanded by the special forces.  Barely able to climb the stairs to his rarely-used apartment, he has no plans except booze-scented despair, which is interrupted by his irresponsible sister dumping her daughter on him while she enters an alcoholic treatment program.  Downstairs is the cheerful school teacher Mia, who is not impressed by his drinking or his war stories.  Will their physical attraction over come their distaste for each other's professions? Will Frisco's sister's troubles come back to plague them?  Will Frisco learn to handle his neglected niece? Well, you probably know all the answers to those questions, but Brockman delivers them in a fast-paced, interesting story with only a few annoying detours along the way.  I wouldn't mind reading other books by her.

However, not the next one in this series.  The book came in a two-book package (Tall, Dark and Fearless: Frisco's Kid\Everyday, Average Jones (Hqn)) and I bounced hard out of the second book.  It involves a girl hiding a pregnancy from the father, which I usually dislike since it requires a woman selfish enough to hide a man's child and a man too dumb to understand where babies come from, and when I skipped to the end to see if I wanted to slog through to get there, I found her refusing an emergency c-section because she had promised the dad he could be there for the birth.  I can't fathom the stupidity required, but I'm sure these are not a couple I'd want to spend a book with.

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