Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Tiny Library Haul

Renton Library
We had several visits to the library this week, with our regular trip, our extra trip because some kids missed the regular trip, the community sponsored walk-around-downtown, which of course included the library (a prolonged visit, due to an expected rain shower).  But I firmly held myself back from excessive check-outs, and only took the three tiny books the hold shelf offered.  And five CDs.

Today the hold shelves delivered:Image of itemImage of itemImage of item
  • Crunch, a Cybils middle-grade book
  • Baking Cakes in Kigali, from my TBR list
  • Sit-In: How Four Friends Stood Up By Sitting Down, another Cybils book, non-fiction
  • Kidz Bop 14, part of our continuing musical journey
My older son checked out a ton of books, but all on his cards.  Many of them are research on Alexander the Great; I hope he actually reads them.  N has refused to part with any of the Elephant and Piggy books, so I'm restraining his check-outs as well.

That brings me to 76 items out on my card.  That is much less than 87.  Go me!  It's less than my grandmother's age. Marg at The Adventures of an Intrepid Reader and Clare from The Captive Reader take turns with the linky for Library Loot. That's where all us library lovers go to compare our hauls for the week.

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