Monday, April 25, 2011

Monday and Back to the Mines

Each Monday Sheila at Book Journey asks about how the reading week went -- what people read, what they are reading, what they will read. This was spring break, so I had some days to just ignore the lawn and read, but I also had a lot more time to hang with the kids, make donuts, and check out bookstores.

What did I read?
  • Alien in the Family, Gini Koch (ebook)
  • Tales of the Vampires, comics
  • The House on the Strand, Daphne Du Maurier
  • Frankie Pickle and the Pine Run 3000, Eric Wight
  • Scorpia Rising (Alex Rider), Anthony Horowitz
  • The Ghost in the Little House, William Holtz
  • A Presumption of Death, Jill Paton Walsh (& Dorothy Sayers)
  • You Don't Look Like Anyone I Know, Heather Sellers
What trends do I see? My over extension at the library is heavily driving my reading choices.  Oh, I also read two kidlit series books as part of the read-your-library adventure:

  • Cam Jansen and the Green School Mystery, David Adler
  • That's What Friends Aren't For (Dear Dumb Diary #9), Jim Benton
Right now I'm reading: 
  • The Man Handler, by Cairo.  I got this off a list of books challenged from a library.  I'm tempted to challenge it at my library.
  • Plain Kate, Erin Bow. Another Cybils book
  • Tiassa, Steven Brust.  A new one, lent by my brother.
  • Queen's Play, Dorothy Dunnet, my Nook book
  • Territory, Emma Bull (vacation book)
  • Hammered, Elizabeth Bear (vacation book)
  • Bad Prince Charlie, John Moore (vacation book)
  • Interior Life, Katherine Blake (vacation book)
  • Glass Harmonica, Louise Marley (vacation book) 
  • The Rogue's Return, Jo Beverly (vacation book)
  • The Hob's Bargain, Patricia Briggs (vacation book)
  • Flying Solo Ralph Fletcher (borrowed by a kid, now returned)
  • The Secret Duke, Jo Beverly.  Found under my bedside table with a bookmark.
  • How I Met My Countess, Elizabeth Boyle.  Also found.
I'm just poking at the vacation books; mostly I'm reading the top four.  I've got the new Walsh/Sayers on my list, as well as some books due next week.  My brother lent me some stuff that is now on top of my TBR pile, and I have the next bunch of Cybils books waiting for me.

Quick stats on my Challenges:
A-Z: 24/52.  One more down.  I'm just inching along here.
Cybils: 34/76.  One more.  I'm currently reading another though.
Michigan: 1/2 I just read the second book, but it's awaiting review.
Once Upon a Time: 6/5.  (Still)
Read Around the World: 7/20.  Half of my books will end up being Ranger's Apprentice books.  I'm signing up for a setting challenge because authors are hard. 
Stream: 3/3.  I found another biography in the references for my next read.
Take a Chance: 3/10. I haven't reviewed this many, but I've read three. I picked out the next one too.
20/11: 10/20.  Plus a few more waiting to be reviewed.
What's In a Name?: 4/6.  
Where Am I Reading?: 17/50.  I got to Florida, Missouri, and Nevada.  

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