Monday, April 11, 2011

Situation Normal: Too Many Books

Each Monday Sheila at Book Journey asks about how the reading week went -- what people read, what they are reading, what they will read.  It's a good chance to see if any trends are developing.  The biggest change for me is my new NOOK, which will eventually make my muscles atrophy even further as I no longer cart about heavy pages.  First I have to clear off some old inventory, though.

What did I read?
  • Princess and the Penis by RJ Silver (first NOOK book)
  • Mouse Tales: a Behind the Scenes Look at Disneyland, David Koenig
  • The Privilege of the Sword, Ellen Kushner
  • The Curies: A Biography of the Most Controversial Family in Science, by Denis Brian
  • The Game of Silence, Louise Erdrich
  • The Housekeeper and the Professor, by Yoko Ogawa
  • The Occupied Garden: a Family Memoir of War-Torn Holland, Kristen den Hartag
What trends do I see? My reading choices are heavily dictated by library-due dates.  Three books were nonfiction, which is a bit higher than usual but very pleasant.  Only one book was kidlit.  I recommend all these books -- this was a good reading week.  I also read a few pictures books for the Cybils awards:
  • Scarum Fair, by Jessica Swaim
  • Henry Aaron's Dream, by Mark Tavares
Right now I'm reading: 
  • The Scarlet Pimpernel, Baroness Orczy.  Swashbuckling.
  • The Ghost in the Little House, William Holtz. Story of Rose Wilder, which I'm reading because of Borrowed Names.  Another one for my Stream challenge.
  • The House on the Strand, by Dapne Du Maurier, recommended by a friend.  Slow going.
  • Scorpia Rising, Anthony Horowitz.  Last Alex Rider, bought by my son.
  • Aliens in the Family, by Gini Koch.  First book bought for my NOOK.
  • Tales of the Vampires, a Buffy comic
  • Territory, Emma Bull (vacation book)
  • Hammered, Elizabeth Bear (vacation book)
  • Bad Prince Charlie, John Moore (vacation book)
  • Interior Life, Katherine Blake (vacation book)
  • Glass Harmonica, Louise Marley (vacation book) 
  • The Rogue's Return, Jo Beverly (vacation book)
  • The Hob's Bargain, Patricia Briggs (vacation book)
  • Flying Solo Ralph Fletcher (borrowed by a kid, now returned)
  • The Secret Duke, Jo Beverly.  Found under my bedside table with a bookmark.
  • How I Met My Countess, Elizabeth Boyle.  Also found.
I'm just poking at the vacation books; mostly I'm reading the top five.  I celebrate finishing a book with a chapter from the Buffy book.  My library pile now shifts to whatever is due on the 18th.  My brother lent me some stuff that is now on top of my TBR pile, and my next challenge book is a romance from one of the book-recommending sites mentioned in the Take-a-Chance challenge.

Quick stats on my Challenges:
A-Z: 22/52.  No change.
Cybils: 32/76. Chugging along.
Michigan: 1/2 No change.
Once Upon a Time: 5/5.  Which officially completes Quest One, but I'll keep going.
Read Around the World: 4/20.  The author requirement is killing me! I'm going to find another challenge that is just the setting.
Stream: 2/3. I have a third Curie book waiting at the library for me.
Take Chance: 1/10  I need to do more reviews, but I've started this.
20/11: 8/20.  I have to decide where to fit in a few more.
What Name: 4/6.  Is it cheating to use a 2nd grade chapter book?
Where Am I Reading: 14  Added Utah and Wisconsin.

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Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

WOO HOO to the Nook! I got one for Christmas... I have not used it a whole lot yet but plan to use it more when I start traveling here in the next month or so.