Sunday, April 17, 2011

Private IG: Guinea Pig Detective

Colleen AF Venerable started a series about Sasspants the Guinea Pig, and immediate propelled herself onto the Cybils Graphic Novel (Middle Grade) category with Hamster and Cheese. When the G falls off Sasspants' cage, she, the new PI, gets hired to solve the mystery of the disappearing sandwich. Slapstick follows in both the text and the pictures, with visual jokes from the fish's special view of the world laughing alongside mockery of the pet shop owner, who doesn't have a firm grasp on zoology or anatomy. The sly snake tries to inject some menace, but the book is too good-hearted to fear him.

This is a fun and happy graphic story, good for hesitant readers or just anyone with a sense of humor. I'll probably pick up the next few books when I see them. Favorite line "Can I still call myself a koala inside my brain?" The sixth grader enjoyed it, the fourth grader laughed out loud and brought it to school to share.  B

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