Friday, April 22, 2011

Vampire and Sister: Vampalicious

Sienna Mercer continues to provide fun times for the separated-at-birth twins Ivy and Olivia.  In My Sister the Vampire #4: Vampalicious! the bubbly cheerleader and the goth vampire spend their time trying to convince Ivy's dad to stay in town, but he is determined to separate Ivy from her human friends before tragedy strikes his family again.  The plot is a far distant second to the interactions between the girls as they try various schemes of matchmaking, job recruitment and just silliness in their attempt to save the day.  It doesn't really matter that it's a deus ex machina that keeps them together and ready for the next installment.

X also likes these books, so much that I've ordered the next from the book catalog despite it being held hostage by some kind of vampiric necklace or other obnoxious doodad.  I get warm fuzzies from seeing him read books clearly screaming "GIRL BOOK GIRL BOOK" all over the cover, let along books screaming "ELEMENTARY SCHOOL GIRL BOOK." I'm so proud of his independent reading stance, except when it leads him to avoid my clearly perfect reading suggestions.  B-

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